Neck Pain

  • The most common cause of neck pain is Cervical Muscles Strain or Sprain which is characterized by stiffness and pain in the posterior neck muscles usually associated with spasm in a upper back with decreased neck range of motion. There is usually no neurological deficit. Whiplash neck injury produces similar picture.
  •  Cervical Radiculopathy (pinched nerve root in the neck) is caused by arthritis in (75%) of cases or Herniated disc in (25%),pain usually radiates down to the arm causing pain, numbness and weakness following the distribution of the nerve root. The pain at times stops at the shoulder only, pain can be triggered by certain neck movement.
  •  Cervical Myelopathy (compression of cervical spinal cord) may cause neck pain. It is usually associated with more significant neurological symptoms affecting both upper and lower extremities such as gait disturbance and increased muscle tone and reflexes
  •  Other less common causes of neck pain include: Malignancy, Infections, Zoster & Heart disease.

Management of Acute Neck Pain