Covid-19 infection Long Term Effects!!

A new study done in Geneva Switzerland just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed very concerning results. About 600 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 (outpatient and not hospitalized) between March 18 and May 15 of 2020 were interviewed periodically (every 30-45days) for up to 9 months post infection (only about 400 completed the study) to see if they develop any lasting problem and to document resolution of Covid-19 symptoms. 

About 39% reported having some symptoms 7-9 months post infection the most common were: Fatigue the most common problem (20.7%) followed by loss of smell or taste (16.8%), shortness of breath (11.7%) and headache (10%).

This study shows that Covid-19 is a dangerous animal and when it bites it leaves some painful scars even in those who had “minor Flu like illness”.

This study is not totally reliable (small number and no control group) but it is an eye opener to what might be a new headache for patients and the health care professionals trying to sort out causes of symptoms in the post Covid-19 era and it underscores the importance of prevention and using vaccines!!, the best strategy when dealing with these post Covid-19 ailments is not to have Covid-19 period!!!

Covid-19 infection Long Term Effects!!
Covid-19 infection Long Term Effects!!
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