Medical Care One


Experience first-rate medical care you don’t have to wait hours for. We offer a variety of services to meet your medical needs, and we try to get you in and out of our clinic as quickly as possible.

Urgent Care Services

  1. Evaluation and treatment of acute upper respiratory Illnesses like cold, allergies, sinus infections and Influenza
  2. Evaluation and treatment of throat and ear problems including strep. Throat, Mono, ear infections and wax impaction 
  3. Evaluation and treatment of minor eye problems including pink eye, stye and corneal abrasions
  4. Evaluation and treatment of Headaches and minor head injury
  5. Evaluation and treatment initiation for high blood pressure and blood sugar
  6. Evaluation and treatment of asthma, trouble breathing and acute pulmonary illnesses*
  7. Evaluation of chest pain *
  8. Evaluation of abdominal pain, Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea
  9. Evaluation and treatment of Urinary Tract infections
  10. Evaluation and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Illnesses including Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
  11. Evaluation and treatment of minor trauma ( we do X-Rays and splinting)
  12. Evaluation and treatment of neck and  low back pain
  13. Evaluation and treatment of shoulder, elbow,wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
  14. Simple lacerations repair 
  15. Superficial foreign body removal
  16. Abscess incision and drainage 
  17. Work and school physical
  18. Urine drug testing
  19. Screening for Corona or Covid-19
  20. Medical treatment of Nicotine addiction
  21. Evaluation and initial management of simple acute psychiatric illnesses like anxiety and panic attacks

***Those with significant chest pain or shortness of breath especially if they are older and have multiple chronic medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes should bypass urgent care and go immediately to the ER.

COVID-19 test Center

Medical Care One is a COVID-19 test center.  We provide COVID-19 PCR Nasal swab test with reports available in 24-48 hours.

Click here to read more about COVID-19

  • Rapid COVID test
  • PCR 
  • CORONAVIRUS Antibodies
  •  Appointments not required
  • Referral not required
  • Testing for all patients


Looking To Get Your Physicals At Urgent Care?

Sports Physicals

Active families and individuals receive convenient sports physicals without an appointment. Bring your necessary paperwork.

Employment Physicals

We provide urgent care physicals for new and current employees