Eye Infections


  • Red conjunctiva
  • Mucoid discharge in am
  • Watery discharge throughout the day
  • Resolves without treatment in 2-3 weeks
  • May have cold symptoms
  • No eye pain or blurred vision


  • Watery discharge usually but can be mucoid
  • Bilateral eye involvement
  • Swelling and redness of conjunctiva
    Other allergy symptoms
  • Waxing and waning for weeks
  • Responds to allergy drops


  • Green, yellow or white discharge
  • Sticky eyelashes in am (eyes glued shut)
  • Responds quickly to antibacterial drops
  • No eye pain or blurred vision

Please note:

  1. All types of conjunctivitis (viral or bacterial) in school or college age students are treated with antibacterial antibiotics drops.
  2. Please go to ER if you have blurred vision or eye pain.

External Stye:à Warm compresses     Internal Stye:à oral antibiotics

Gonococcal Conjunctivitis = marked eyelid edema, marked eye redness, marked purulent discharge and periauricular lymphadenopathy

à Treat with : Ceftriaxone 1 gram IM + Azithromycin 1 gram PO.

Chlamidial Conjunctivitis = Eyelid edema, Mucoid discharge and bulbar conjunctival follicles and periauricular lymphadenopathy

àTreat with : Azithromycin 1 gram PO.

RED FLAGS: (please seek the eye doctor advice or go to ER if you have)

  1. Sever Eye Pain
  2. Blurred vision   
  3. Not improving or getting worse 

Other common eye infections

External Stye

  • A stye is an abscess within the eyelid at the base of the eye lashes hair follicles.its primary treatment is warm compresses application ,this will raise the temperature inside the pus pocket raising the pressure and forcing it to drain

Internal stye

  • Diffuse swelling and redness caused by infection of the Meibomian Gland ( inner eyelid surface)

    It is usually treated with oral antibiotics

Orbital cellulitis

  • This condition is caused by infection of the skin around the eye and it threatens the eye

    It is considered a true eye emergency

    Go to ER

Acute Conjunctivitis


Viral Conjunctivitis

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Allergic Conjunctivitis


Highly contagious Highly contagious Not contagious


Direct contact with infected person  or Contact with contaminated object (door handle, towel..) Direct contact with infected person or Contact with contaminated object (door handle, towel…)

Age Group

Older children and adults 5 years and younger Any age

Associated symptoms

Fever, runny nose , sore throat And swollen lymph nodes around the ear (adenovirus) May have other bacterial infection like middle ear Allergy symptoms waxing and waning for weeks or acute allergy

Eye Discharge

Mucoid crust in am, watery throughout the day Muco purulent in am and throughout the day Can be yellow , green or white Watery but can be mucoid

Eyes glued shut in am

Usually NO

Usually yes


Eye feeling

Burning, sandy gritty feeling Itchy and burning Itchy

Eye Exam

Intensely red conjunctiva With watery discharge Mildly red conjunctiva with purulent discharge Edema, Redness and Chemosis Papillary hypertrophy of upper tarsal conjunctiva


Resolves without treatment But usually school children are treated regardless with antibiotics drops So they are allowed back to school.(school rule) Responds quickly to Antibiotics Drops or ointment Allergy drops

Expected course

Usually gets worse in 3-5 days then start gradually improving over 1-2 weeks (total course up to 2-3 weeks) Responds quickly to treatment but can resolve (adults) without treatment in 7-10 days Responds to treatment

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